Nut-Free Classroom Snack List
Based upon 24 children

12 apples, washed (not cut)
12 bananas (not cut)
12 oranges, cut into fourths
12 tangerines
12 bagels (Wed. Bagel Supreme special)
24 slices of American Cheese
24 Mozzarella Cheese Sticks
Bag of carrots peeled and cut into sticks or coins
1 stalk (head) of celery washed and cut into sticks
cantaloupe, cut into cubes
watermelon, cut into cubes
1 large pineapple cut into cubes
4 zucchini washed and cut (sticks or circles)
Seedless grapes, washed
strawberries, washed, about 2 each
green beans, raw, washed
green peppers, raw, washed, cut into sticks
1 large broccoli cut into florets
1 large cauliflower cut into florets
4 large cucumbers, peeled, cut into circles
2 boxes of Stella Dora Breakfast Treats
2 boxes of Stella Dora Breadsticks, no seeds
1 box premium crackers
1 box of raisins
Goldfish Crackers
2 boxes Thomas' Corn Toaster Cakes
1 squeeze container of Grape Jelly
1 can of American Cheese Whiz
Oatmeal cookies

*always open to suggestions for nutritious snacks