Student Behavior


Our class rules are simple and easy to follow:

Listen to the teacher and follow directions

Use a quiet, inside voice in the classroom

Take turns listening and speaking, raise your hand to speak during group discusssions.

Clean up after yourself.
No running in the classroom.

Be a kind and good friend.

Treat others the way you would would like to be treated.


To help us keep these rules we use a behavior management system called "Clip It Chart"


In addition, our school's rules include the following:




Regular and prompt attendance in school is very important. The majority of kindergarten learning activities are shared and group oriented, including problem solving and critical thinking skills that are enhanced by interaction with classmates. Therefore, this kind of learning can not be made up at home. Please view your child's attendance in school as a priority, attending everyday except in cases of illness or emergency.

When your child is absent, we will need a written excuse brought to school the next day.

It can read: Please excuse (child's first and last name) absence from school on (month and days absent). Then state simply the reason child was out.

Please include any pertinent information containing illness or side effects of medication the child is on.

For your convenience you can print out an absentee form to fill in and send to school when your child returns.

Absentee Note to print out


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