Leaping Links!!

Disclaimer: Although care was taken in the selection of these sites, one must recognize the changing nature of sites on the Internet. The responsibility for the quality and content rests with the creator of each linked site. Adults should monitor student use. If you should find something that is inappropriate, please notify me immediately. I want only the best children's sites linked here. Thank you. 


Favorite Authors

Jan Brett's Website

The Animals of The Gingerbread Baby

Gingerbread Baby Bookmarks

Gingerbread Baby Recipe

Gingerbread Baby Icing

Make a Gingerbread Baby House

Trim a Gingerbread Baby House

Cards and Envelopes From The Gingerbread Baby

Dr. Seuss's Seussville

Dave Pilkey site-author of the "Dragon" books
           (blue dragon)

Mercer Mayer site-author of "Little Critter" books

Robert Munsch site-author of "Stephanie's Ponytail"

Audrey Wood site-author of "Silly Sally"
           Check out Silly Sally and Neddy Buttercup


Literary Characters



Berenstain Bears

Hello Kitty Tea Party and more!

Between the Lions Homepage

All Your Channel 13 Favorites


Fun and Educational Games


Puzzle Mania

Fun Games

Kids Domain

4 Kids Treehouse


Fun Match Memory Game

KiddoNet Jr. (Great Learning Games & Stories)

Reading and Word Play

Look Out Below!. (Between the Lions/Find little words in big words)

Pounce!. (Between the Lions/Hear the word, find the word)

Word Play. (Between the Lions/Watch words behave like their meaning)

Talking Gizmo!. (Between the Lions/Hear a sentence, change a sentence)

A.B.Cow. (Between the Lions/Find the missing letter)

Chicken Stacker!. (Between the Lions/Find words with short vowel sounds)

Fuzzy Lion Ears. (Between the Lions/Help Leona label pictures.)

Gawain's Word!. (Between the Lions/Make rhyming words. A lot of fun!!)

What's the Word? A reading/vocabulary game

Read and sing along to our favorite songs


Science and Environment

Solar System Stimulator

Upper Space

Dinosaurs at Enchanted Learning


Arts and Crafts

Printable Crafts for all occasions

Powerpuff Girl crafts

Fun things to make 

Pokemon crafts, projects, cards


News/Information/Social Studies

Time for Kids

Information About Our 50 States

Name That State Game

American Sign Language Alphabet

Enchanted Learning

World Book Online

Great Search Engine For Kids


Mancala Snail Game (Not Just for Kids)

Simon Says


Fall Match Game-match the leaves

Fall Simon Says Game

Fall Jigsaw Puzzle

Autumn Slide Puzzle

Carve a Pumpkin

Tic Tac Toe with Batty