Bear in Mind  

To keep our class happy and safe we need to follow our classroom rules.  We need to be good listeners, keep our hands to ourselves, raise our hands to speak, treat others the way we would like to be treated and always be a good friend to everyone. We also need to develop good work habits and strive to do the best we can do. To help us learn to keep these rules and develop these habits we use a behavior management system called "Clip It Chart".

HOW IT WORKS:                                       

The clip chart is different from a card or color coded system that many schools use because
it doesn’t focus on the negative, but also rewards the positive. This behavior model will help your child
understand that she/he is responsible for her/his own learning and that mistakes can always be
overcome with the decision to make a better choice.
Students will have their name on a clothespin and begin every morning at Ready to Learn.
They will move their clips up or down throughout the day based on their choices.

The chart is set up as follows:

Great Job
Good Day
Ready To Learn
Think About It
Teacher's Choice
Contact Home

Rewards and consequences will be awarded at each level to encourage all
students to follow classroom rules and be a good student & friend.
A warning will always be given before students clip down & I will talk with them each time to be
sure they understand what happened & provide suggestions on how they can correct the behavior.

Establishing good classroom discipline is essential to each child's success, confidence and well being.
Every child should feel that the classroom environment is safe and secure. I believe in treating my students with warmth and respect and guiding them toward treating each other in the same manner. My classroom rules are created with the children during the first week of school. The children are taught and experience that they have a choice in our classroom community. The children accept responsibility for their choices, good ones as well as poor ones.
Each day, the cards are returned to their original order, with the clothespins on Ready To Learn, so that each day can be a fresh start and another chance at demonstrating appropriate behavior.


By having the child physically move her/his own clothespin, I am asking the child to make good choices rather than poor choices and to take responsibility for their behavior.

*This idea from Clip Chart: A Simple Discipline Strategy for Promoting Positive Behavior
Copyright © 2009 by Rick Morris