Birthday Celebrations

It is always delightful to share in the celebration of a special day, especially a birthday!
Due to an increasing number of food allergies, and in the best interest of our students, we are celebrating birthdays without the focus on food.

We will, however, certainly acknowledge your child's special day by singing "Happy Birthday" and having your child receive a special birthday crown and taking "Lucky" home to share their special day.

In addition you have the option to participate in the "Birthday Book Program" this year.
This is where your child TREATS the classroom to a book on his/her birthday. To participate all you have to do is donate a copy of your child's favorite picture book to our class library. Send it to school with your child on his/her birthday. I will read the book to the class at circle time and acknowledge the gift from the child to the class. Parent and child can write an inscription or I will do so, to include the date and the child's name on the inside of the book. This is a wonderful way to encourage literacy and share something special about each child with their classmates. The books in the Birthday Book Basket are available for everyone to read throughout the year.
Please keep in mind that a treat is gone in a minute, but a book lasts a lifetime…

The Birthday child may also bring in a class set of "goodie bags". If the bag contains food items please make sure they are wrapped so the parent/guardian can decide if it is an appropriate treat for their child. Goodie bags will be distributed at dismissal.
I sincerely thank you for adhering to this policy.

Class Birthday Celebrations are for the Birthday Child and their classmates.

Parents and siblings may not attend.

Please contact me (at least 2 weeks in advance) at: if you would like to celebrate your child's birthday in class.

Please note that if you are planning birthday celebrations after school hours invitations cannot be handed out in class unless the entire class is being invited.

Thank you for your cooperation,
Mrs. R. Forman